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high astigmatism colored contact lenses

high astigmatism colored contact lenses In addition to adding to its attractiveness in the eyes, colored contact lenses can also be a solution to help the quality of their vision using glasses. No wonder, if the color contact lenses are increasingly in demand, especially by women.

Talking about the trend of colored contact lenses, contact lens expert Se-East Asia, Cheni Lee explained, disposable contact lenses is being interested in the community.

"Contact lenses Daily simple, requires no maintenance, can be instantly disposable waste. Usually like to use young people," he said when met in Jakarta, Thursday (07/06/2015).

There are many types of color contact lenses on the market. To determine the characteristic quality of your color contact lenses, there are some things that must be considered.

First, the color pigments are not easily washed or separated from the lens. Before actually wear contact lenses color, test it first with a cotton bud.

"Rub pigment in contact lens wear cotton bud that has been given water. If no color fade or stick in cotton, meaning contact lenses ugly," he said.

Secondly, he added, high quality color contact lenses appear to converge so that it does not look when I'm wearing contact lenses. In addition, color contact lenses can emit natural sparkle when exposed to light.

Equally important, the color contact lenses must also have the penetrating power of oxygen to the entire surface of the lens. The technology used to bind moisture is called Lacreon.

This technology is believed to permanently have a binding function moisturizing ingredients into the lens material etafilcon A. This moisturizing ingredients will further maintain the moisture content in contact lenses, which can reduce the effect of friction on the eyes.

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