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Benefits of Lemon for Ulcer

Benefits of lemon for ulcer: Who does not know with a lemon. The taste is sweet and slightly sour very fit to be a mixed drink thirst repellent, especially if served cold. Have you thought about what benefits can be obtained from the juice of this one?

With a relatively affordable price, lemon contains about 5 percent citric acid and is a rich source of vitamin C. Lemon also contains many vitamins like vitamin B, riboflavin and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein and carbohydrates. There are so many diets that use lemon as giving a taste of the cake, dishes made from chicken meat, a variety of drinks or even as an ornamental. The most common use of lemon is a way to squeeze it and then mixed with water. There are many health benefits of lemon to be gained from a drink made ​​from lemon.

Benefits of Lemon for Ulcer

Benefits of Lemon for Ulcer

The traditional way to cure the ulcer can be done with just lemon tastes sour. Do not believe? Prove it!

"Freshly squeezed lemon juice has been declared effective and does not interfere with the stomach, even safe for the ulcer. When sour lemon into the stomach, can neutralize acid in the stomach. Compounds lemon acid into the stomach also causes the production of fluid in the stomach that functions protects the stomach wall. well as the enzyme from the liquid maintaining healthy stomach.

Drinking lemon water juice of half a lemon. Mix with water lukewarm before breakfast one day.

Heartburn is generally caused by improper diet. Thus, maintaining the health of the stomach is not only the herbal lemon juice, but also must be balanced with the proper diet, and a healthy selection menu. Avoid fried foods, very spicy foods, less meat because it causes cholesterol which can lead to stomach upset. That is benefits of lemon for ulcer.

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