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Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Food and drinks are accelerating the process of weight loss is not just a myth . In fact , there are certain foods that have nutritional content , helps boost the body's metabolism so that calories burn faster . This list of foods , as quoted from detik.com.

benefits of green tea for weight loss

benefits of green tea for weight loss

1 . Whole wheat
Gangum whole is rich in fiber which makes the stomach feel full longer , so the appetite is more controlled . Whole grains also help boost your metabolism and help reduce calories because the body needs more energy and effort to digest . Choose oats , potatoes boiled with the skin or brown rice instead of white rice .

2 . Foods Rich in Vitamin C
As much as 500 mg of vitamin C can help burn 30-39 percent of calories when you exercise . Do not immediately take supplements , tablets or drinks containing vitamin C. Consume vitamin C from the source , such as eating grapefruit or guava one hour before going to the gym .

3 . Food Containing Omega 3
One type of this essential fatty acid functions to control inflammation and increase metabolism . Consumption of omega- 3 will help reduce a few pounds of body weight when combined with exercise . In addition to salmon , omega 3 can also be obtained from flaxseed , walnuts and eggs .

4 . White water
Water plays an important role in maintaining healthy body functions . Water is good for digestion , lubricate the joints of the body and even help burn calories more efficiently . Drink enough water , do not overdo it . Generally , we are advised to drink eight glasses of water per day . But can be more , depending on the activities undertaken .

5 . green tea
According to Dr . A cardiologist KK Agarwal , benefits of green tea contains antioxidant flavonoids . When combined with exercise , can help speed up the burning of calories.

6 . Coffee Black
Cup of black coffee can speed up your metabolism in the short term , especially if coupled with physical exercise such as sports or fitness . Coffee also increases the production of adrenaline and cortisone which reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes . But limit their consumption . Never more than 3 cups per day .

7 . vegetable
Vegetables are generally low in calories and fat , and contains a lot of fiber . Eat colorful vegetables to get the maximum benefit , as different colors , different also contain vitamins , minerals and antioxidants that your dietary intake of nutrients into the body to be complete .

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