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cara mengecilkan betis ala artis korea

Have a calf that is too big a problem for some people , especially women . Due to having a large calf makes sense pecaya woman's self to be reduced due to his leg looks like a football player .

Actually there are several advantages of having a large calf . Usually big calves look more white because it is often covered when doing outdoor activities . In addition to white , big calves too strong to support the weight . However, because it is too large , generally heavy and hard to find a way to design jeans that fit .

Cause calves look great can be caused by excess fatty deposits or big muscles . To overcome this , you should be diligent exercise in order to burn fat in the calf area . In addition to exercise , there are some things that you should avoid so that calves do not grow large . Here are some tips that you can do to shrink calves naturally and safely .

Avoid Charges In Excess In Heel
By giving undue burden on the heels , of course, can make you into a great calf . Should always balance the body's center of gravity on the entire sole of the foot during walking .

Pilates and Yoga
By doing Pilates movement that involves strengthening and stretching exercises to flex and extend muscles thus providing a higher posture . So the shape of the foot look more level and the size of the calf to be ideal . While yoga can give the effect of a more relaxed , improving blood circulation to the muscles and helps regularity , making it easier to get a small calf .

Reproduce Cardiovascular Exercise
With emphasis on light exercise such as jogging and prioritizing resilience can shrink calf swim effectively . But avoid run fast or sprint and other sports that require strength and speed of footwork .

Perform Ankle Movement Circle
The trick to sit upright in a chair , then lift one foot after the turn of the ankle (ankle ) clockwise 6 times . Repeat the movement with a counter-clockwise motion . Do the same movement , alternating between left and right foot .

Doing Exercise Calf Press
Use soleus press tool to make calves look more solid . The trick to sit upright on the board are available , then place the tab on the top of the thigh pads . After the load is adjusted , raise the retaining bearings by lifting the heel .

Using the Elliptical Trainer
This tool can you make alternative as a replacement for walking . The tools used for generating the movement such as walking is good for the most part quadriseps train , which is a set of muscle above the knee . The results of your calves smaller according to what you want.

How to lose weight as a whole also should you do if a pile of fat not only on the calf alone . Moreover, if there is still fat in the stomach area , arms , thighs and other body parts that can degrade the taste simply believing in yourself . cara mengecilkan betis ala artis korea Good luck !

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